You want a comfortable retirement, and to put your kids through college. You want to help your aging parents. And you want to enjoy yourself.

A good life costs money. We’ll help you save for it.

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The first rule of investing is protect your assets

Just like life markets have ups and downs, active risk management can help protect your assets when the market is down. RSI has a plan designed to help weather the market’s ups and downs.


Protecting wealth is even more important than building wealth. That’s why RSI Advisors uses 3rd party research (at no cost to clients), our proprietary investing system, and risk/reward evaluations to ensure each client is managing the risks of the market smartly, based on their individual situation.


Investment strategy differs depending on market conditions, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution that’s appropriate for every client. We analyze and track market cycles to choose the most beneficial asset allocation for each person, based on their needs. In a down market, we look to mitigate risk first.

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By risk managing your assets in down markets, you have more potential to grow wealth when the market is up.

RSI has spent years studying the boom/bust cycles of the US economy. And we supplement our knowledge with third party macro research. We use a tremendous amount of data, and combined with years of market experience are ready to help you create a long term plan to reach your financial goals.

Rock Solid Investment Advisors Services

Our services are tailored to the needs of our individual clients. But in general we provide Active Investment Management, and Financial Planning.

Active Investment
Management Plans

We’ll help you invest the funds in your investment accounts using our own proprietary Macro Trading System. We custom design plans to fit your goals, so you can build the wealth you need to have a good life.

Financial Planning
Services 1 on 1

We consult with you to create your life-long financial plan. Then we give you the tools so you can customize your plan online. For example, as your life changes you can adjust variables in your plan to see how it will impact your retirement goals; helping you stay on track.

Want a complimentary financial assessment?

Our advantage is our proprietary Macro Trading System

No one can time the market top and bottom. Our system tries to help limit the damage of the down move, to take advantage of the up.

At RSI Advisors we created a proprietary investing system that uses volatility indicators, market history, economic cycles, and our own market signals to dynamically adjust portfolios. This allows us to respond to the potential risk/rewards in any market. Risk analysis is done actively.

Solid assessment of markets allows for less capital to be at risk (more time in cash) while we wait for better entry prices. Don’t settle for diversification and recommendations to stay the course during market downturns. What you really need is active risk management. 


Our mission is to remove the financial stress of our clients, so they have the peace of mind that comes from true financial freedom.

Hi, I’m Chris Rockwell

I am a husband, father of two, sports enthusiast, and economics nerd. I followed in my father’s footsteps early on, earning a BS in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Maine, however, my passion has always been investing. To that end, I founded a Registered Investment Advisor firm – RSI Advisors.

For over 14 years, I worked at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in the Nuclear Engineering & Planning Department overhauling nuclear submarines. During my time at the Shipyard, I continued to pursue my passion for investing and market research. I was able to create enough wealth to successfully leave my engineering job and devote my time to creating RSI Advisors. I have been actively and proudly managing client accounts for over 5 years.

I believe an advisor should actively risk-manage markets, as I do; unfortunately, most financial advisors are passive investors, leaving your account to yo-yo with market fluctuations, at times to devastating effects. Does this sound familiar? If you’re looking for someone different, you’re in the right place.

I use my own proprietary investing system called, the Macro Trading System and work hard to create and protect my client’s wealth. I am goal-oriented and transparent – something that is truly rare in the finance industry. I believe these traits set me apart as both a qualified and caring advisor. I hope they will also help me earn your trust and business.

Let’s discuss your financial goals and together make a plan that will fit your budget and needs. You work hard and deserve an advisor who will work hard for you. Planning for your future is important – for you and your family. Contact me today for a complimentary financial assessment.

Let me help you Save For Life!

Christopher Rockwell
Founder/President of RSI Advisors, LLC.

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