Economic Cycle

The economic cycle is the natural fluctuation of the economy between periods of expansion (Growth/Boom) and contraction (Recession/Bust). Factors such as gross domestic product (GDP), interest rates, levels of employment and consumer spending can help to determine the current stage of the economic cycle. Boom/Bust cycles last at varying lengths of time and vary in severity. The top of a cycle is called the Peak and the bottom is called the Trough. READ MORE – VIEW ECONOMIC CYCLE GRAPH


During the boom the economy grows, jobs are plentiful and the market brings high returns to investors. READ MORE


In the subsequent bust the economy shrinks, people lose their jobs and investors lose money. READ MORE

Volatility is a measure of how much the stock market is expected to move up or down in a given time period (usually 1 day – 3 months). Low volatility means the market is trending higher and down days are not severe in size and frequency of occurrence. High volatility means the market is trending lower and down days are severe in both size and frequency of occurrence.
Volatility Indicators
Volatility indicators can be used to help predict the likelihood the markets will tend to rise or tend to fall. Volatility indicators along with other macro and historical indicators are used in RSI Advisors proprietary Macro Trading System. Examples – VIX, VXST, VXV, VVIX, VIX1 and VIX2.
Fiduciary Standard
The standard to which Registered Investment Advisors must follow to protect their client. It states an advisor must place his or her interests below that of the client and must act in the best interest of the client at all times.


Is RSI Advisors a fiduciary?
Yes. RSI Advisors is a fiduciary and will always put the clients needs and best interest first.
What are the most asked client questions?
When can I retire? How much do I need to save to retire? Can I retire now? How do I pay for children’s college? Are my investments appropriate to achieve my goals?
Why use a financial advisor?
Investing, when done properly, is a long term commitment requiring research and measured analysis. Emotions must be kept level when approaching the investing arena. Many fortunes have been destroyed by decisions made in a moment of fear or an instant of fearlessness. Our advisors are trained and have real world experience on how to maneuver with deliberation through the increasingly complex financial markets with their client’s financial plan and well-being in mind. Risk management is done with protecting your wealth as the top priority. Hiring a financial advisor allows you time to enjoy your life and lower your financial worries to sleep soundly at night.
What is a registered investment advisor?
A Registered Investment Advisor is a firm that is registered with the state in which it does business (or nationally with the Securities Exchange Commission), to provide investment advice. A Registered Investment Advisor is held to a Fiduciary Standard, meaning they are expected to act in the best interest of their client at all times. As fiduciaries, an advisor must employ a policy of full disclosure with their clients to help avoid potential conflicts of interest. RSI Advisors is a registered firm.

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